Being Sued? The Insider Secrets of Asset Protection: The ULTRA TRUST®

The Asset Protection Book: Asset protection is dynamic. The purpose of asset protection is to segregate and insulate personal liability away from valuable assets, within the boundaries of lawful means. Learn to protect and hide your assets securely book.

Are you being sued?

There are plenty of asset protection books that cover concepts that can work in calm times, years in advance, however, few asset protection books address the biggest problem: what do you do when you have not done the planning you should have done and now you are looking down the barrel of a contingent-attorney lawsuit? Few events can trigger the emotion of distrust and animosity of the system designed to be fair and just. Just imagine the reaction of your attacker when suddenly your assets are no longer accessible – even with a judgement. They are safe now because you have avoided fraudulant conveyence and even the judge cannot demand a clawback.

For high net worth individuals, leaving assets vulnerable to the whims of today’s court system and predatory contingent-fee attorneys looking to see what they can extort from you is more dangerous now than ever before in the United States. More than 80,000 lawsuits are filed daily – 30 Million per year. With 300M people, this is one lawsuit for every ten people. With the top 2% owning 50% of all assets, if you are worth $1 Million, your chances of getting sued just increased by more than 20 times! They want your money – especially if you have more than they do. Who is really going to sue if you have nothing?

They don’t teach this level of asset protection in law school or in average asset protection books. Learn from an Asset Protection Expert from the School of Hard Knocks:

1. Has Your Lawyer Told You that It Is Too Late to Do Anything?
2. Learn the Truth About Fraudulent Conveyance
3. Learn the Lawyer’s Mindset in Deciding Whether or Not to Take a Case on Contingency And How to Get Them to Move Onto Someone Else!
4. The Dangers of Hiding Your Assets Illegally and How to Keep Your Assets Safe and Secure in the Midst of the Lawsuit
5. Learn Why Your Lawyer Does Not Know This Key & Vital Information

Being Sued? The Insider Secrets of Asset Protection: THE ULTRA TRUST® details today’s most legitimate, court-proven strategies for protecting ones wealth even if you did not have time to do the proper planning when you should have.

If you are currently being sued, or are about to be sued and you are worried that your assets, real estate, or investments are at risk of being lost, then you need to read this asset protection book. It is not too late! Your lawyer’s advice may be wrong or he just may not have a deep expertise in asset protection. Better to act sooner rather than later. Get this book and educate yourself!

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