Defer Capital Gains Tax

Postpone taxes up to 30 Years - International

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Defer Your Capital Gains Tax on Any Highly Appreciated Asset(s)

Capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets may be postponed up to 30 years based on the life expectation of the seller. Earnings from re-investments may also be tax-deferred. Minimum requirement: US$500,000 short term gain, US$1million long term capital gain.
Qualifying appreciated assets include the sale of your real estate, the sale of your business, your stocks, bonds, collectibles, art work, antiques, boats, planes, ANY HIGHLY APPRECIATED ASSET(S), a note receivable that is at least 2 years old, your lottery winning, etc.
The transaction is engineered and implemented by a domestic VERTEX TRUST® customized to fit your financial goals.
Generally, the asset(s) are transferred to your domestic VERTEX TRUST® at fair market value, custom financially engineered in accordance with your mortality tables and your financial goals. Your domestic VERTEX TRUST® will postpone taxes up to 20 years, 30 years if your transaction is taken internationally.
Under certain implemented financial conditions, your heirs may get your money “potentially tax-deferred” i.e. you die earlier than your expected mortality tables.
“Knowledge” is our most important “product.”
This financial platform is complex. One size does not fit all.

It requires careful drafting, attention, and competent professional implementation.

It’s a legitimate, logical, and suitable method of tax deferral.

To see if you qualify, contact us directly. Ultimately, these financial transactions are complex to explain, not done over the internet, telephone, fax, Email, or snail-mail.

There are two bridges. The first is easier to cross, you merely pay the toll. The other is “tax-deferred ” but you have to drive an extra mile in order to cross.

The tragedy of life is that so few people know that the “tax-deferred bridge” even exists.

You’re “thinking outside the box.”

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