Estate Street Partners Protect Assets from Lawsuits, Divorce, Medicaid Spend Down

Estate Street Partners offers services to avoid probate, eliminate estate taxes, defer capital gains taxes

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Estate Street Partners offers advanced financial advice to ensure maximum asset protection from lawsuits, divorce and Medicaid spend down

Set up a Personalized, Court-Tested Medicaid Trust now in only a few hours
Protect your assets from lawsuits, divorce, Medicaid.
Hello, my name is Rocco Beatrice. I am the Managing Director for Estate Street Partners. We provide financial solutions to your problems of wealth and help protect your assets. We coordinate with your financial goals. We bring to the table the different disciplines, the accountants, the lawyers, the appraisers, the tax guys all for the purpose of protecting your assets and wealth against potential frivolous lawsuits, divorce, the Medicaid spend down, and to minimize your taxes on your income streams, to defer your capital gains taxes, to eliminate the probate process, and to eliminate the Estate tax. And finally, to facilitate tax efficient transfers of your assets and wealth to whomever you’d like to your heirs, children or beneficiaries (in the second generation) and to enable a top, reliable asset protection plan.
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Rocco Beatrice, CPA, MST, MBA, Managing Director, Estate Street Partners, LLC.


Mr. Beatrice is an asset protection award winning trust and estate planning expert.
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