Intro Financial Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation

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Your Successful Financial Goals

Protect your assets from lawsuits, divorce, Medicaid.
is how the AFFLUENT remain affluent. They have embraced powerful “knowledge:”
FINANCIAL means your present and future lifestyle.
ENGINEERING means to implement a solid legal brick and mortar foundation of “control over your wealth” not ownership.
Combined, FINANCIAL ENGINEERING means to strategically and by design, avoid frivolous lawsuits, eliminate the expensive probate process, defer (postpone) your capital gains taxes, defer, reduce, possibly eliminate taxes on your income streams and finally avoid estate taxes.


  • To become ” judgment proof ” and preserve and legally protect your wealth.
  • To defer (postpone) your capital gains taxes [read our Vertex Trust]. [Federal 20-28%, + your state tax].
  • To reduce, defer or possibly eliminate your income taxes and on your “other income streams” [Federal 39.6% + your state].
  • To eliminate the “probate jail process.” In some states “probate jail” could take 3+ years and consume 7% to 15% of your gross estate.
  • To eliminate ALL inheritance taxes [read our Medallion Trust®]. Federal + state can take up to 65% of your gross estate. Inheritance taxes when combined with probate costs, could consume up to 80% of your gross estate.
This is the LAST letter you’ll want to write! Dear Creditor, I. M. Brooke.
Successful accelerated financial estate planning and wealth preservation is based on your financial goal(s).
Asset by asset personal residence, bank account, investment account, business, other real estate, IRA, your pension)…What’s your financial goal(s)? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or combinations. (see above goals)
Where…. does the asset belong?
Choose the financial legal entity that best achieves your financial goal(s).
Domestic or international?
Use “good planning” NOT secrecy.
Rely on ” law ” NOT secrecy.
Successful financial estate planning and wealth preservation is a work in progress.
Financial structures are like building blocks. Add or deduct blocks as your personal and financial conditions change. Your financial planning (building blocks) must be flexible. This is “SUCCESSFUL FINANCIAL ESTATE PLANNING & WEALTH PRESERVATION.”

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