Estate Street Partners has been helping our clients with court-tested, expert level estate planning and asset protection services for more than 30 years. We avoid a canned approach by evaluating and personalizing a plan for your specific needs and situation.

  • Our core competencies include:
  • 1)  Asset Protection
  • 2)  Estate Tax and Probate Elimination
  • 3)  Income Tax Optimization

Irrevocable Trust Leader: Top 6 Reasons Ultra Trust® Offers Superior Peace of Mind

The team at Estate Street Partners, LLC has studied irrevocable trusts for decades from the point of view of lawyers, CPAs, MBAs, tax specialists, doctors, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Statutory Basis

The Ultra Trust® irrevocable trust is supported by the state and federal statutes.

Trust Flexibility

The term conditions and beneficiations of the Ultra Trust® can be changed.

Assets type Flexibility

When executed correctly, the Ultra Trust® can protect any assets type.

Supporting Case Law

The Ultra Trust® is proven by a number of court cases across the U.S.


The Ultra Trust® repositions assets from your personal ownership and from any disclosure of your personal assets.

Endless Support

Your Ultra Trust® can be fast to set up as we guide you step by step through the entire process. Never leaving you wondering what to do next.

Reallocating your most valuable assets for:

  • Uncompromising, Secure, Stable, Flexible Asset Protection

  • Asset Protection giving you power with your worst Creditors - even the IRS

  • Eliminate Estate Taxes and Probate Process

  • Save hundreds of thousands on Gift Transfers, Benefits, and Defer Taxes

Asset Protection Strength & Durability

Tax Savings Maximized

Maximuum Protection Against Lawsuits

Step-by-Step Guidance & Assistance

Get Wealth & Asset Protection Insider Secrets

Reduce Your Taxes, Protect Your Assets & Create a Financial Blueprint for Successful Estate Planning

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