UltraTrust™ Irrevocable Trust Estate Planning: Asset Protection for Beneficiaries

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Protecting Your Assets in Yamily: Beneficiaries / Heirs

Asset Protection for Beneficiaries (Heirs)

Protect your assets from lawsuits, divorce, Medicaid.
In conclusion, the Ultra Trust®, the top irrevocable trust, is the repositioning of your assets from yourself to the Ultra Trust® for the benefit of you, your wife, your children, your grandchildren, all beneficiaries that you select (i.e. asset protection). The purpose of removing your name, your ownership name, for the asset, like leasing the car, you don’t own the car, you lease the car, but you get to use the car, is so that marketing companies are not going to be able to track what you own, or information about you and your wealth. The insurance man, the window guy, all those guys, they’re not going to call you to interrupt your dinner because they buy the list from the marketing companies. If you own assets, they are going to be calling. Well, you don’t own any assets – you are asset protected. They can’t figure out who owns the assets. The lawyer is not going to sue you on a contingency basis. You don’t own any assets, therefore, the likelihood that he’s going to sue you, and even if he does, the end result is, he may win the case, but he can’t collect. He’s not going to take a contingency case like that.

If you do estate planning properly, don’t have any assets, you don’t have to go through the probate process. Lawyers, accountants, appraisers, they won’t be able to earn a fee. The courts have no jurisdiction over your assets, you die without any assets and because you have no assets on the date of your death, you are ineligible. You cannot file an estate tax return. An estate tax return is filed only when you die with assets. And again, the probate process is to determine who is going to own the assets. The estate tax is going to determine what it is worth, so that the government can get their fee. So, when it’s all done, between the probate and the estate tax, and the time that it consumes, your heirs are not going to get what you intended to give them. And if you have no assets because you did the estate planning properly, you qualify for government services, provided you don’t fit that 5 year window, so it’s very important that if you are in that category where you are going to become eligible for the nursing home, or if you have fathers or mothers in that position, you may not want to get involved in this new restrictive government policy about transferring those assets.
With the Ultra Trust®, the Mercedes of asset protection, you have disqualified yourself from having people call you, from people trying to sue you, from redistributing your wealth, from taxing your wealth, and finally, what we have mentioned is that it is a tax efficient way to transfer your wealth to the next generation.
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