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How to Protect Assets from Lawsuits, Divorce, Accidents

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The keys is to learn how to protect assets from lawsuits. According the National Center for State Courts, there were 103M lawsuits in 2019; One lawsuit for every three citizens in the United States. Decades of a person’s hard-work to accumulate wealth; working their entire life to build, are at risk of being attacked because of one “frivolous” lawsuit. How to protect wealth from litigation like these? Did your lawyer tell you that there is nothing you can do now because the tragedy already happened? Do want to know how to properly protect property?
    how to protect assets from lawsuits    Learn the 3 keys to protect wealth from litigation step by step (click here)

If We Can’t Help Teach You How to Protect Your Wealth from Litigation, Then You Don’t Pay One Penny…

  • Dramatically increase your armor against all types of litigation
  • Save on your capital gains by deferring your taxes
  • Know that your wealth is properly and safely assigned to your loved ones
  • Complete control over all your wealth and reallocation of property even after death
  • Design your own personal financial plan according to your wishes and desires and be flexible as your situation changes (addition of new baby, divorce, death of family member)
  • Total, surefire privacy and complete anonymity with client/attorney privileges
  • Exceptional successful and clear roadmap designed specifically for you and your family’s needs
  • Substantial savings of tens of thousands of dollars from probate fees
  • Option for Foreign Wealth Protection and offshore financial planning if you have $10million or more, 10% should be in a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Completely legal. You rely on the laws created for wealth protection, not secrecy. Filling all necessary IRS requirements, strengthens the actions taken.
  • Finally, learn how to protect your wealth from litigation, divorce, and even from the Medicaid Nursing Home spend-down program.

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I’ll get straight to the point and tell you the ONE Ultimate Secret to how to protect your hard-earned wealth from litigation or “hiding your money” is to REPOSITION  it. What do I mean by that? The answer is simple: you actually don’t hide your money to protect property from litigation. You use laws created for “asset protection” to protect your wealth. You use the laws to your advantage. You use legal entities created under the different laws – trust laws, corporate laws, partnership laws, bankruptcy laws, and tax loopholes to your complete advantage.
The average individual wants to “own” things. The truly successful individuals have learned WHAT the absolute secret is regarding how to protect hard-earned wealth from litigation: that “control” is more significant than “ownership.” By not owning the property, they control frivolous litigation, they avoid probate, they avoid estate taxes, negotiate with creditors on their own terms, and they are able to significantly reduce their taxes. In essence, they can “hide their money” completely transparently and legally.
Ownership is the absolute right to possess and use property to the exclusion of others. Control is the control of others or skillfully influencing others to your advantage. Ownership is absolute; control is not. If property is in the absolute control of others, there’s no control on how it can be transferred, thus avoiding frivolous litigation and allowing you to dictate terms to your creditor in any negotiation. 96% of litigation never goes to court because they are settled in a negotiation. We put you in a position of leverage when negotiating with your creditor. 
The successful have also learned to diversify their wealth worldwide. The theory “don’t put your eggs in one basket” applies to everyone, not just the rich and successful. Everyone has the same opportunity to diversify, the number may be smaller for the average individual, but there is nothing that the successful are doing that is not available to everyone.

How to Protect Wealth From litigation by “Hiding Your Money and Property in Plain Site

“Most advisors are mainstream with mainstream ideas. You are definitely out of the box. Your ability to take apart complex issues and provide alternative solutions is simply remarkable. Your vast array of tax planning strategies are extraordinary. You are absolutely in my little black book of people to call.”
— Rick S., Massachusetts
You can “hide” your wealth with various options. Remember, you still keep your total privacy of your property re-allocation but it’s still completely legal to the IRS because you still file all necessary forms that strengthen your protection!
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Foreign Trusts (FAPT)
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Foreign Limited Liability Companies
  • International Business Companies (IBC)
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Corporations under Chapter C
  • Corporation under Subchapter S

The 9 Basic Things The Successful Have Learned About How to Protect Wealth From Litigation…

  1. No system will make you “judgment proof.” Anybody can still sue you for any reason they can dream-up. You cannot avoid a lawsuit directly, but you can make it so painful to file one that they move-on to a better/easier target.
  2. Preventive maintenance, you don’t run your car 100,000 miles before replacing the oil. Planning ahead is most effective and least expensive before you have legal problems. If you’re in a current lawsuit then don’t worry because there is something you can still do about protecting property from litigation. Read on!
  3. It is never too late to improve protection. Anything is better than doing nothing. Don’t handout road maps to your bank account.
  4. Don’t UNDER-ESTIMATE the abilities of these shrewd, ruthless, invasive, money hungry predators and their very CLEVER CLIENTS. For the mere filing fee of $275 they will shake your tree to see what falls. They have learned that if they shake enough trees, they will get rich.
  5. Everything you own in your name is subject to creditor attacks. The common stock you own in your corporation; the LLC membership units, general partnership interests are subject to creditor attacks. If they own your shares, they own your company.
  6. Giving away money to family members is not how to protect things from litigation. Transferring property to family members or anyone at less than its fair cash value is “fraudulent conveyance” a criminal event to defraud your potential creditors.
  7. All income is taxable, unless there is an exemption or exception. Deduction of your real estate tax is an exemption, gifting under $15,000 is an exception.
  8. Bankruptcy will not eliminate or discharge your tax liability.
  9. Only an independent trustee (not related to you by blood or marriage) is how to protect property from litigation. An irrevocable trust, with an independent trustee, that is properly set up, structured, and funded is the only proven wealth protection system. When an irrevocable trust owns shares in your corporation or is the member of your LLC, you have created the fortress of protection, the Mercedes, short of a Foreign Trust, which is the Roll Royce.

How to Protect Assets From Lawsuits to protect your wealth

Why I Want to Help You Learn How to Protect Your Money From Litigation…My Personal Story

Hello, my name is Rocco Beatrice. In 1983 I hired an attorney with expertise in Real Estate Tax Abatements (reducing real Estate Taxes for a contingent fee) to represent one of my clients. Without my knowledge, the attorney hired an independent Appraiser and gave him instructions on how to prepare his appraisal report, creating a lack of independence on the Appraiser. As a result of my lawyer’s actions it caused the loss of a $2,153,000 real estate tax refund (abatement)!
Since I hired the attorney to represent my client, I stood to lose the lawsuit if my client sued me. Everything I owned jointly with my wife was up for grabs. Like everyone in wealth building years, I gave no thought to protecting my property. After graduating college, my wife and I started our lives together with no money; we had a couple of kids, and we were progressing our way to financial independence; we owned a house, investments, cars, stocks and other property.
  • Are you tired of listening to an attorney who only knows half the story?
  • Find peace and sleep blissfully with our rock-solid financial roadmap 
“Dear Rocco, I write to express my greatest appreciation for the outstanding job you have done in compiling all of the vital information on wealth protection and trusts. I especially want to acknowledge you for your gifted ability to transfer that knowledge to me in such an easily understandable manner. I hate to think how much I and my associates have spent over the years on so-called “experts” who don’t know 10% of what you know. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for the ongoing contribution the Ultra Trust® is making to me and my business.”
— John M., Maine
      protecting assets from lawsuits    Learn the 3 keys to protect wealth from litigation step by step (click here)

How we learned how to protect our wealth from litigation and how we personally almost lost EVERYTHING we owned!

In one single moment, we stood to lose everything with one just lawsuit – not to mention potential punitive damages. I was losing sleep. My wife was worried about me. I couldn’t talk to my friends about it because I felt ashamed of my situation and I couldn’t ask them to bail me out. It’s sounds so cliché but I felt alone and hopelessness was overcoming me. I was emotionally drained from this experience and I didn’t know what was going to happen to my family, my wife, my children and everything I worked so very hard my entire life for.
“How can this be happening?” I asked myself over and over. Just because of one overlooked mishap by someone working for me and I stood to lose everything. It wasn’t even my fault!
Isn’t this always the case? We are so unprepared for any mishap or accident or event in our lives then ONE DAY, all of sudden, something happens in our lives that changes our lives forever.
Save yourself from ulcers, sleepless nights because you are not protected, the migraine headaches and the feelings of total hopelessness with the Stable, Stronghold of the Ultra Trust®.
The Ultra Trust® is unmatched in its ability to save and protect your money.

Why Are You Being Sued?

It’s always about the money. If there was no money involved then you wouldn’t be sued. Plain and simple. There will always be people declaring their lawsuit based on higher principles but, at the end of the day, what are they asking for? Money. They are not asking for a mere apology.
So it follows suit that any contingent-fee lawyer or any lawyer with wits about him/her will investigate how much money you have and how much you are actually worth. It’s the pot of gold that lies at the end of their litigation. Whatever is tied to your name and Social Security Number is what is deemed important to them.
This information is so readily available with the advent of the Internet it would take anyone a few minutes of their time and pay a document search service center $30 to garner all they need to know. Property like your home, vehicle, real estate investments, stocks, bonds, bank and brokerage accounts and just about anything else of value to them can be found online. Scary but true.
Any lawyer worth his/her salt will do an even more in-depth analysis and conduct a much more thorough search of your wealth. If they think it’s worth it, then you can expect to be sued for n% of your net worth.

But My Lawyer and Accountant Told Me “It’s too late!“…Hogwash – Learn How to Protect Your Money From Litigation

When Elvis Presley died in 1977, he left $10.2 million worth of estate value. Of course as a result of people’s greed they were fighting for a slice of the pie. After several years of probate 72.5% of Elvis’ estate or $7.4 millions was gone to attorney fees judge fees appraisal fees accounting fees and other fees.
— James Banks “Creating Wealth Through Probate: The Best-Kept Secret in Real Estate Investing”
This is one of the most frustrating things I hear! After fielding hundreds of calls, especially when they find themselves in “potential litigation” the average inquiry is untrusting. I tell them that it’s better to do something than nothing. It’s contrary to their lawyer’s and accountant’s advice who have told them, “There’s nothing you can do. It’s too late!”
It’s better to do something than nothing, I tell them and repeat it over and over, despite what their attorney and/or accountant usually tells them. I know this from first hand, real world experience helping people that have been in real life or death situations with regards to their financial well-being. Opening your wallet and passing it around, is not my idea of solid advice.
As long as the lawsuit has not been initiated there’s no duty for you to leave your wallet open for potential, possibly potential, maybe potential, creditors. Nothing I have read within any civil, contract law or within your constitutional rights to leave yourself naked. You can do quite a bit, as long as you do not commit “fraudulent conveyance” – that is, repositioning (transferring) your property at less than its fair market value.
If you transfer your house to family members or some legal entity (Corporation, LLC, Trust, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Family Partnership, or Family LLC, etc.) as a wealth protection device, the transfer has to be at its fair-market-value. If your house has a selling price of i.e. $500,000 you must receive back something worth the same $500,000 in cash or near cash.
Even when a lawsuit is initiated, you still can do some things to frustrate your creditor. Your objective is to stall and place barriers wherever you can legally to stop and prevent anyone from accessing your money. Things you’ve worked too hard to lose because of one or two lawsuits.
Furthermore, a court judgment against you as a result of losing your case in court does not necessarily mean that they will even get the money. Under certain conditions the judgment against you will act as a strong deterrent because your creditor may have to pay income taxes on income generated by your business or property without your creditor getting a single penny from you.
Getting a judgment and collecting on the judgment are two different monsters. Your creditor will definitely want to renegotiate with you if he has to pay taxes on income he will never receive.
Let’s think of your situation another way. If another person, entity, business or whoever holds any grievance against you and initiates a lawsuit for whatever reason whether there are any reasonable grounds for it or not, do you think that it is right and fair that your properties are now “suspended” whereby you cannot re-allocate it to someone else? In other words, just because someone is suing you does not give him or her the right to “hold” your property indefinitely till the outcome is determined.
The outcome could be months or several years before an outcome is determined. So this means that whoever initiates any lawsuit against you can do this to your money? So if I didn’t like you then I can “suspend” your money indefinitely. Your opponent can do this forever till you die. Does this sound reasonable and sound to you?
The plaintiff hasn’t even won anything yet so why should you suffer just because someone begins a lawsuit against you? It’s not right. It’s not just. And it’s your constitutional right to defend what is yours. So fight for it! Give your opponents every roadblock and make it as difficult for them to get to your money. You’ve worked hard for this money. Don’t leave it there just because someone started a lawsuit against you.
  • It’s Your Constitutional Right to Protect Your Wealth!
  • Save your property and money despite what your own lawyer and accountant have told you
  • Are you presently being sued and need to protect your wealth but your attorney and/or accountant have told you cannot do anything now? You can still do something about it!

Are You Tired of Listening to A Lawyer Who Only Knows Half the Story About How to Protect Your Wealth From Litigation?

You may, as most people, will ask your attorney or CPA for advice on how to hide your property, how to protect it, and what you can do. The truth of the matter is that your trusted attorney or financial advisor hasn’t ever had any training or experience whatsoever in the matter of wealth protection. I actually hold seminars to CPAs and Attorneys on Asset Protection twice a year. You would be shocked by the questions I get from so-called experts.
Did you know that asset protection and irrevocable trusts aren’t even a subject in law school, not even Harvard Law. Yes, there are courses taught on revocable trusts, wills, estate planning and corporations, but not specifically what’s most important. Take a look at the Harvard Law School curriculum for yourself. Protecting your wealth is in essence designed to place lawyers out of business.
Well then, “Who is qualified to give advice on protecting my wealth and how do you find this expert?”
Simple. Find someone who possesses:
  1. Real world, hands-on extensive experience in wealth protection strategies in both domestic (the U.S.) and international arenas (Nevis, Bermuda, Antigua, Caribbean Is, Hong Kong, etc.) and someone who knows how to “hide” your money totally and completely legally so the IRS will pat you on the back.
  2. Someone with an impeccable successful record and with a pool of talented experts both in the domestic and international realms to give you the best advice from every angle possible. Period.
Estate Street Partners experience isn’t based on theoretical text books or what MAY work. I’ve been through the grind and learned everything I can to help my family and myself out of trouble. I’ve helped hundreds of others do the same. My real world, hands-on extensive experience is a based on a solid “what works” based on 153 years of court cases and I’ve assemble a team of experts around the world to help you do the same and offer you the best you can possibly get.
You will receive the uncompromising, absolute, secure and solid advice based on this real world, hands-on experience, years of experience from an award-winning estate and trust planner & tax expert AND an international team of bonded and licensed professionals who SPECIALIZE and are EXPERTS in their field whether you need domestic or offshore protection.

Don’t Let Your Attorney Convince You That a Revocable Trust or Just a Will Are Your Best Options!

It is one of the most common legal scams. This will only help your attorney set up his own retirement fund. You see that with a revocable trust and even a will, you will be subject to probate court where your attorney can defend the estate from frivolous claims on the estate. The larger the estate the more claims there are and the more fees your attorney can rack up.
What’s wrong with a revocable trust (revocable living trust) is that the owner of the money (the Grantor) retains too much power over the disposition of the trust funds. This direct control nullifies any defenses against potential frivolous litigation. His deemed control is equivalent to ownership, and if you still own the property you are liable to lose them in a lawsuit. And if you own the property you will incur an estate tax.
So why does a lawyer espouse the benefits of a revocable trust (revocable living trust)? Well, he or she or the law firm benefits directly because they know that you have to rely on them completely for any and all legal matters that arise from any new litigation. That’s their goal. It’s always about the money, isn’t it?

Now Protecting and Transferring Property is Even More Important So Seniors may Qualify for Government-Subsidized Medicaid Money…Transfer Your Parent’s Property Today!

NYtimes clip Medicare Caring for Parents and how to protect assets from lawsuits
  • Are you aware of the Medicaid 5-year look back provision?
  • Avoid the Medicaid Nursing Home Spend-Down program saving you tens and thousands of dollars caring for your elderly parents.
  • Avoid the financial disaster of selling off all your parents property just so they can be accepted in the government-subsidized Medicaid Nursing Home program.
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety giving up everything your parents have worked all their entire life for by easily and simply re-allocating the property.
“Dear Rocco, if it wasn’t for you, I still would be in the middle of a most unpleasant event. Your persistence of repositioning my property with three separate Ultra Trusts® definitely saved me from selling pencils on the corner of Broad and 42nd Street in Time Square.”
— Bill W., New York

As your parents begin to age you and your family may have some or all of these concerns BEFORE they enter the nursing home:

  • Downsizing a large household
  • Overcoming anxiety and procrastination
  • Assessing whether to fix up a home or sell “as is”
  • Locating professionals for every step of the moving process
  • Working through family issues
  • Finding the right type of housing
blue arrow pointing down
Ms. Rowe4 is among the legion of adult children of more than 15 million, according to various calculations, who take care of their aging parents, a responsibility that often includes paying for all or part of their housing, medical supplies and incidental expenses. Many costs are out of pocket and largely unnoticed: clothing, home repair, a cellular telephone. Adult children with the largest out-of-pocket expenses are those supervising care long distance, those who hire in-home help and those whose parents have too much money to qualify for government-subsidized Medicaid but not enough to pay for what could be a decade of frailty and dependence. The burden is compounded by ignorance, according to a study by AARP, released in mid-December, which found that most Americans have no idea how much long-term care costs and believe that Medicare pays for it, when it does not.
— NY Times, Jane Gross, December 30, 20062
If any of these issues concern you then you know that the last thing you want to think about is the cost of spending your own money for the vital care of your elderly parents. With all the “little” things that need to get done now you can’t simply hope that Medicaid will cover your elderly parent’s expenses. So it’s best to be prepared WAY in advance to mitigate the stresses of caring for your parents.
Now it’s becoming ever more important that as the baby boomers set to retire they need to know that caring for their elderly parents will become an eventual reality and many are not prepared for it. The financial burdens and the incredible stress of caring for your elderly parents can be overwhelming. There are simple and easy steps you should be taking to reduce this stress and ease the pain and suffering that you and your family may endure when it comes time to care for your aging parents.
The law extends Medicaid’s “lookback” period for all money transfers to 5 years, it was originally 3 years and changes the start of the penalty period for transferred money from the date of transfer to the date when the individual transferring money enters the nursing home. Or to put it another way, your elderly parents’ property need to be sold 5 years or longer prior to entering the nursing home and to qualify from the benefits of the Medicaid Nursing Home Program. Qualification to enter the nursing home is achieved when the individual is out of funds, meaning he/she cannot afford to pay the nursing home.
The new federal law applies to all transfers made on or after the date of enactment, February 8, 2006. Any transfer made before February 8 falls under the old transfer rules. Exact enactment provisions are state by state, but it’s clear that non-compliance by 50 state legislatures puts their federal funding at risk.
Don’t become a statistic. Transfer your wealth with our rock-solid Ultra Trust®. You need 5 years before your elderly parents can enter into the nursing home program with government assistance so call us now toll-free for a FREE consultation with no obligation, no risk, no sales pressure at (508) 429-0011 to see how we can help.

If You’re a Business Owner then You Should Know Why an LLC, Sole Proprietorship or Incorporation Is NOT Enough-  Learn How to Protect Wealth From Litigation

blue arrow pointing down
Among the constant criticisms leveled at American civil juries is their record of largesse in the awarding of damages particularly against corporate defendants whose pockets are perceived to be “deeper” than average. In one study of 19,000 U.S. state jury trials in which corporations made up slightly more than a quarter of the defendants, the awards against corporations were found to be 4.4 times those in similar cases involving individual defendants and three times those against government defendants. Such “sympathy verdicts” can be especially high in products liability cases and medical malpractice suits. The median civil jury award rose seventeen percent in 1996.
— 140 H. J. Moskowitz & R.B. Wallace, “Loser-Pays: A Deterrent to Frivolous Claims?” N.Y. L.J., March 7, 1996 at p. 2, cited by Walpin, 1997 at p. 648.
If you own corporate shares, LLC membership units or general partnership units or shares then you own the LLC, Corporation or partnership. This will not avoid any of the frustrating, money-draining probate proceedings, reduce your taxes nor defer capital gains. Neither will it save on estate taxes nor protect you from any litigation whether they are frivolous or not. Anybody has the absolute right to sue you for your money and anybody can try and claim a part of it and there is nothing you can do it…UNLESS you have the foolproof, dependable, secure and reliable Ultra Trust® to protect you and your family.
None of these horrible life-draining events can happen if your Ultra Trust® owns your corporate shares, LLC or general partnership shares. The Ultra Trust® is the only strategy that can hold an unlimited amount of property with NO ceiling on the dollar transfer amounts. The Ultra Trust® is the Mercedes-Benz of the money protection systems.
 Please call us for a FREE consultation at (508) 429-0011 to find out the best plan for your business. There is no risk, no obligation and no sales pressure to our calls.

How Much You Save Avoiding Probate

“Short, snappy, and to the point, timely, and directly applicable. The tax deferral strategies and techniques are head and shoulders above what I have seen so far. Please don’t spread it around, I prefer to be one of the top 1%.” — Mario B., Florida
  • Sleep like a baby tonight knowing your property is safe, secure and protected
  • Step-by-step, Mercedes-Benz client help and support by top management in the business – bonded, licensed professionals
  • Reduce your real estate taxes and mortgage interest taxes
There are many costs involved with Probate including the fact that it is a Public Forum. Everyone will know about what is in your estate and who gets what. In addition, the hard costs are outrageous. These numbers don’t include the personal anguish, frustrations, heart-wrenching feelings you’ll get going through the legal ordeal of the probate process which can last anywhere from 4 months to 3 years or even longer! What This means to you is that the funds cannot be used for potentially years. The emotional stress and the constant never-ending battle and arguments for any legal proceedings has no price to it. But just view these numbers below to get a sense of what it may end up costing you if you don’t have the solid, dependable trusts backed by Estate Street Partners, a team of professionals.
Gross Value of Probate Estate Total Estimated Average Probate Costs Probate Costs as Percentage of Estate
$50,000 $4,500 9.0%
$100,000 $8,500 8.5%
$200,000 $15,000 7.5%
$300,000 $22,000 7.3%
$400,000 $28,000 7.0%
$600,000 $40,000 6.7%
$800,000 $50,000 6.3%
$1,000,000 $60,000 6.0%
$1,200,000 $70,000 5.8%
So even if you had a house worth $800,000 you’d end up paying $50,000 in probate fees – something a simple will cannot protect you from. Here are some more frightening statistics that follow…

Famous People Who Were Not Aware How to Protect Wealth From Litigation or the Tax Man!

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
    $2,905,850 estate reduced by $671,420 – a 23% loss!
  • Nat “King” Cole
    $1,876,640 estate reduced by $1,577,740 – an 84% loss!
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
    $1,940,990 estate reduced by $574,860 – a 29% loss!
  • General George S. Patton
    $844,360 estate reduced by $266,820 – a 31% loss!

— Source: AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)

Do You Wish to be In Poor Astor’s Position?

A true but sad story. Stephen Astor’s mother, Sadie, died in 1999 leaving $1.8 million of property, half for Astor and his daughter and half for his late brother’s two children. So far, he’s received all of $25,000 in cash and the payment of $90,000 in tuition bills for three of his grandchildren. Yet his remaining share, all held in a trust, is just $500,000; it was whittled away by his share of $420,000 in legal and accounting fees and $490,000 in estate taxes.
3 — Ref. //www.forbes.com/free_forbes/2004/1213/230.html
Fees Dates Billed As
Sadie Astor Estate
$90,000 1999-2001 Attorney fees
$52,000 1999-2001 Accounting fees
$25,000 July 7, 2000 Executor fee
Sadie Astor Trust
$31,339 1995-2001 Attorney fees
$38,960 1995-2001 Accounting fees
$112,000 December 18, 2000 Deferred Trustee fee
$72,399 October 31, 2002 Legal Defense fees
Sources: Court filings
Poor Astor has so far only received $25,000 and currently lives in a middle-class home in a middle-class neighborhood.
  • If you work with us you won’t be in Astor’s position. You get the best in the business by an award-winning financial planner backed by professional attorneys, tax specialists and accountants who look after you and your family’s best interests
  • You get a total, solid, major layer of protection and safety net against unforeseen litigation

We’ll Work with Your Own Lawyer to Teach You How to Shield Wealth From Litigation

We understand that you may have a good, solid relationship with your lawyer and many years of building trust with him or her. So Estate Street Partners is willing to work with your lawyer(s) and develop a solid, successful financial roadmap for protecting your wealth. We will work closely with you and your lawyer to develop a plan for you and maximize your potential for protecting your property, reducing your capital gains tax, eliminate the hugely expensive probate process, eliminate estate and inheritance taxes and possibly eliminating your income taxes.
  • Maximize your potential to protect your wealth
  • Receive more advanced strategies & countless advanced techniques and strategies not found anywhere else
  • You can significantly increase your wealth preservation
  • You receive an international & domestic network of bonded and licensed professionals who are specialists in their area
There are countless advanced techniques that your lawyer may or may not know. Your lawyer has acquired a certain set of skills and has become a specialist in certain areas. However, the reality is no lawyer or no one person can be a “jack of all trades” expert. You’ve hired your lawyer because he or she is an expert at one thing not because he can also devise a complete and complex system for you or understand every intricate detail including everything there is to know about every foreign accounting policies.
With Estate Street Partners you will receive an international and domestic network of licensed professionals to maximize your tax efficiencies and wealth protection so you significantly increase your wealth preservation.
Don’t take your chances unnecessarily. You can call us for a completely FREE consultation (508) 429-0011. There is absolutely no risk, no obligation and no sales pressures to our call. And you benefit with total privacy and confidentiality.

Why NOT to Look for the Cheapest Attorney for Your Trust…

“Dear Mr. Beatrice: The information I learned from you is absolutely invaluable. I have listened to many attorneys. Their way of providing business property protection is to buy more liability insurance and to eliminate the estate tax is to buy more life insurance. You don’t think they have a retainer contract with the insurance companies, do you? You’re underselling yourself. The topic of asset protection, probate elimination, and estate tax elimination is complicated, you have found a way to simplify with one ‘Ultra Trust®.'”
— Jeremy K., California
You’ve heard of the old adage, “You get for what you pay for”. Well, this applies so much when paying for a low-cost lawyer who only sees one perspective and cannot see the bigger picture to give you a clear roadmap for financial stability and success. The bottom line is the contract your lawyer gives is only as good as the words typed on the paper. Without the advice of a top team of professionals and an award-winning trust and estate-planning expert on board, a one-person lawyer simply cannot match.
  • Will you sleep soundly with your hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars worth of wealth on just a few pages of paper?
  • Does your lawyer completely understand all aspects of financial planning including the more advanced, complex strategies and the intricacies of offshore protection and liabilities specifically engineered for your needs?
  • Do you want to take your chances on your hard-earned money you’ve worked your entire life for day in and day out just to save a few bucks?
  • Does your lawyer understand Foreign Protection Trust or how the Medicaid nursing home spend-down affects you and your family?
  • Avoid the financial-draining, life-draining, frustrating and full-of-headache processes of the legal probate process usually lasting 4 months to 3 years
Estate Street Partners understand your needs and understand what you need for solid, surefire protection, privacy and stability during and after your life.
We are unequaled. We are unmatched.

You Get the Best in the Business with an Award-Winning Trust and Estate Planning Experts

” Mr. Beatrice, I didn’t know those tax saving concepts even existed. Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me in everyday language without the professional jargon.”
— Karl K., Florida
You will receive the “Mercedes-Benz” treatment for total and complete privacy with client/attorney privileges and a team of professionals will manage your circumstances. Our team is composed of an award-winning Trust and Estate Planning Expert, a Top Team of Professional Accountants, Appraisers, Attorneys and Wealth Management Personnel to Service Your Personal Needs who wish for Superior, Uncompromising and High-Yielding Financial Goals.
  • Fast, Effective, Personal Service yet Uncompromising security and privacy
  • Credible, award-winning financial planner so you receive premium security, privacy and protection
  • Complete protection for high-liability companies such as investment firms, mutual fund brokers or bankers

Your Personal, Exclusive, Alternative, Chartered Roadmap to Substantial Success

We pride ourselves to be the best and provide you with a fast, step-by-step optimal blueprint for whatever your needs are in wealth protection and when it comes to securing your privacy you receive nothing but the best in the business. All our clients have a discerning and discriminating eye for exceptional detail which inevitably lead to an exclusive, alternative, chartered roadmap to substantial & accelerated success with our premium Ultra Trust®.
  • Do you need to expand your business overseas to Hong Kong, China, India or anywhere else in the world?
  • Have you lost your merchant account because of charge backs or some other excuse the banks gave you?
  • Do you need to learn how to protect your property from litigation with the best protection TODAY and NOW? You’ll receive FAST, Effective and Superior, Uncompromising protection

Why You’ll Get the Best Roadmap for Successful Privacy and Learn How to Protect Yourself From Litigation

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They just don’t teach this stuff in college. Some of these guys walk around with business cards indicating international business but they just don’t have a clue on how to conduct business in a foreign country. They read textbooks and they try to apply textbook principles but some of them have never worked in business or left the country. They never heard of an IBC or Foreign Trusts or double stacking trusts or U.S. reporting requirements. Their only advice is to talk to your accountant or lawyer. Wait a minute are they not the educators?”
— Edward K. Colorado
  • Defer your taxes till it’s more convenient for you and do it legally
  • Chartered blueprint for successful transfer of your wealth with optimal tax efficiency
  • Step-by-step consultation with unlimited support
You will save thousands of dollars with our “Full-Service Premium System” of wealth protection and financial management. Consider the value of everything you will receive as a Full-Service Client…
Most lawyers charge by the hour and when they issue you a contract they give it to you then basically leave everything in your hands. I’ve seen lawyers charge as low as $2,000 but it’s not worth the paper it’s typed on. It was literally only 5 pages.
Do you really want to trust your entire fortune and life on only 5 pages of legal advice and someone who only charged you $2,000? If you paid someone $2,000 could you walk away knowing that the person would protect hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars worth of your wealth? Could you really sleep like a baby with this looming over your head day in and day out? I know I wouldn’t.
You alone pay your home insurance $40,000 over your lifetime (average cost of house insurance over 20 years is $2,000 per year on a $900,000 home. Multiply this number by 20 years equals $40,000). Your life insurance policy over a lifetime could be a staggering $250,000 (based on the average life insurance time table of $10,000 per year for a male after 55 years of age for a $500,000-$750,000 life insurance policy with 25 years left till death) and just for a simple thing as installing an alarm system for your home is $150 per year so over your home’s lifetime of, say, 20 years you pay approximately $3,000. And this is only for an alarm system.
The alarm system, though, important won’t save you from the probate procedure; it won’t reduce your capital gains tax nor your income tax; the alarm system can’t eliminate your estate or inheritance tax; it surely can’t devise any complex and advanced offshore protection strategies nor provide you with a sense of security knowing your money and wealth is secure; it doesn’t have the advantages of a pool of international and domestic bonded and licensed professionals ready to help you with superior estate planning and protection; lastly, it doesn’t save you from the Medicaid nursing home spend-down program when you or your spouse need to be admitted to a nursing home. You think your lifetime’s worth of hard work is worth more than $2,000 or even $3,000 and 5 pieces of paper? I won’t answer this because we all know the answer to this one.
So let’s think about a low-cost lawyer who charges $2,000 to protect ALL your property and money that you’ve worked so hard your entire life for, waking up when you didn’t want to, feeling totally drained but you needed to work to pay down that mortgage or help pay for your son’s or daughter’s college. So do you feel TOTALLY and COMPLETELY SAFE and SECURE knowing ALL your property is a surefire bulletproof protection system when the weather starts to get rough?

Sleep Like a Baby Tonight…

“As an insurance agent/broker I’ve gone through a lot of courses looking for this information. Your knowledge and crystal clear advice helped me improve upon the advice I give my clients.”
— John S., Massachusetts
  • Save thousands of dollars by saving you and your senior parents from the nursing home spend-down program
  • Reduce your income tax by up to 20 years
  • Instantly eliminate your estate taxes
Consider who will be working with you closely to help cater to your specific needs and customize a complete, rock-solid roadmap to ensure you are protected and totally safe from civil litigation whether it’s frivolous or not. You will not receive just ONE PERSPECTIVE OF one attorney or one accountant or one financial planner. You literally have a team of professionals furiously working hard so YOU CAN SLEEP LIKE A BABY at night.
If we broke the individual costs down, you would pay an accountant an average of $300 for nth amount of work hours and $400 for an average financial planner (a top financial planner charges a minimum of $700 and commissions of 2% of your AUM) and then an average one-person attorney would cost you $2,000. Add this up and it’ll end up costing you $2,700 and this is YOU doing ALL the work and YOU will have to ensure that ALL the pieces fit together.
So you’ve saved some money to protect ALL your property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. Do you feel SAFE and SECURE with a do-it-yourself approach?
Any mishap in your contract, any mistake or any missing sentence could render your entire contract COMPLETELY USELESS and VOID. If you paid for home insurance and you saved a $100 a year from a low-cost insurance agency and you lived in the Katrina disaster region but you weren’t covered for flood and water damage what good is that savings to you? Likewise, if you paid a low-cost attorney who ONLY sees ONE PERSPECTIVE and doesn’t see the ENTIRE PICTURE of your needs and there is one or two vitally important sentences missing then you could lose EVERYTHING!
Why take your chance?
Four years ago, a gentleman in Florida called me up who was on his deathbed. He had real estate holdings and businesses with a net worth of more than $12M. He decided not to pursue my recommendations and instead chose to go to his local attorney who created a 2 page revocable trust that cost him ” only” $2,000. On his death, the family was forced to liquidate the business and sell the real estate at fire-sale prices in order to pay the IRS $6.5M in estate taxes.
They ended up with only $2M after the forced sale of the business. If we view this from a purely monetary perspective, was saving a couple of thousand dollars really worth $6.5M? We have to think about ALL the stress, the frustrations, sleepless nights, the legal back and forth talks, the arguments and disagreements on the home front and the ulcers and heart-wrenching feeling they had to live through. It is a decision that the family will have to live with the rest of their life.
You don’t have to go through this ordeal! You’ll know that an award-winning financial planner and a team of professionals will customize a winning and successful financial plan suitable to your needs and build you a SUBSTANTIALLY MORE SECURE protection blueprint for your success. Why leave take any chances on something you’ve worked so hard for your entire life?

Our Guarantee: We Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time

“Rocco, I have known you since a little boy from Italy. Then you counted on me for education advice, now the roles are reversed. I rely on you for financial advice to protect what I have left for my family. I wanted to let you know I’ve read your material on the Ultra Trust®, word for word; I find it to be very well laid out, easy to comprehend, and compelling to action There’s absolutely no excuse for delaying the implementation of a wealth protection fortress.”
— Joe P., Massachusetts
  • FREE consultation, no obligation and no pressure with total transparency in a step-by-step, clear, successful, easy-to-understand direction and time line
  • Professional, superior and uncompromising financial wealth management
If you believe that I’ve wasted your time and that you’ve learned nothing from me or my FREE seminars or my eBook then I’ll pay you! If you don’t get enough solid, practical, full of meat information from my FREE seminars, my book or from talking with me about your specific personal financial goals and wealth management strategies then I’ll pay $50 dollars to the Habitat for Humanity. Yes, I’ll pay out of my own pocket just for listening to me. That’s how confident that I can help in the finding the right plan for you. Call me today at this toll-free number 888-93-ULTRA (888-938-5872). I’ll give you no sales pressure. This call is risk-free and there’s absolutely no obligation. So why not call right now to how to protect your wealth from litigation?

Learn More on How to Avoid Litigation the Right Way 

Option 1:

Call (508) 429-0011 and talk to me directly and learn how Estate Street Partners and my entire team can help you reach your financial goals whether it’s to avoid probate, eliminate your estate taxes, reduce your capital gains, eliminate your income taxes, devise a effective system, avoid the Medicaid spend-down, protect your hard-earned wealth or any other advanced financial strategy. You don’t get any sales person pressure from me. Just speak to me about your personalized needs. No risk. No sales pressure. No obligations. Just FREE information for you to make the right decision.


Option 2:

Click this video link play video button-tutorial how to protect assets from lawsuits to view a video anytime it’s convenient for you. (Please be patient and allow 30 seconds to download this video. Another window will open. Thank you for your patience.) You’ll learn more about which trust is most suitable for you, the tax-savings tips and deferrals you can get, how a foreign trust can help in your circumstance, what are the Medicaid restrictions and regulations and what you can do about it and much more jam-packed information.

  • Learn tax-savings tips and tax deferrals strategies
  • How the Medicaid affects you and your elderly parents
  • How Medicaid Nursing Home Spend-Down program can significantly impact your finances and your life
  • When setting up a Foreign Trust is ideal for you
  • Which trust is most suitable for you
  • And so much more…

Bonuses Worth Thousands of Dollars When You Learn How to Protect Wealth From Litigation

  1. FREE Book Delivered Straight to Your Door on “How You can Save Even More Money with Property Tax-Saving Tips and property Re-Allocation”. This book alone can save you thousands of dollars.
  2. Bonus offer Partner Medical Rights (retail value $750).
    The Florida family Schiavo national tragedy would not have occurred as played out in the courts of Florida, the White House and Congress if they had purchased the medical directive. That is the strength of my work.
    PMR™ allows you to grant your guardian many rights:
    • Avoid frustrations by allowing your guardian first priority for visitation in hospitals
    • Make them feel at ease by receiving information about your conditions
    • Give them control by authorizing medical treatment if you are ever incapacitated
    • You authorize for them to release your remains from a hospital
    • Empower your guardian to make provisions for services and last requests
    Did you know that more than 80% of Americans die in a hospital or other care facility? In a medical emergency or crisis, Partner Medical Rights™ may save your life by allowing your guardian to make the proper medical choices immediately and ensure that you receive the appropriate care and treatment without court challenges.
    By law, doctors must consult an immediate family member to decide on medical treatment. Your family might make decisions that do not conform to what you want or have planned for. Problems arise when your spouse and family members have conflicting views about the necessary and appropriate medical treatment.
    In many scenarios these battles wind up in court with a judge, who may have limited medical knowledge and no familiarity with your medical preferences, deciding on your medical treatment. Such legal battles are expensive, time-consuming, and have great emotional repercussions. It can even be life threatening in an impending medical emergency.
    This is precisely what happened in the Shiavo tragedy in Florida in 2006.
    With the care and foresight to plan ahead with Partner Medical Rights™, these emotionally anguishing legal, lengthy battles can be avoided.
    You receive this as a FREE gift only from Estate Street Partners valued at $750 in legal fees. You save money; you regain total control of your life and leave the outcome to your loved ones as you wished it to be.
  3. Bonus offer Partner Financial Rights (retail value $750).
    Are you able to take care of these types of transactions now? Do you have financial responsibilities?
    It is critical for you to know that without the Partner Financial Rights no one will be able to manage your finances. Unless a guardianship proceeding is filed in court, your closest biological family members can have priority of appointment over your loved one.
    Plan ahead and protect yourselves. It will help you make the financial decisions of your relationship without running the risk of being challenged by relatives for misappropriation of funds. Nobody wants legal entanglements to tie up their finances for months or even years.
    It is important to carefully choose a person you trust for your PFR™ due to the enormity of financial control you will give. With that said, we remind you that limiting the power given to your agent/guardian is a feature addressed in detail within the Partner Financial Rights™ document.
You receive this valuable gift which normally sells for $750 absolutely FREE as another bonus from me.

…everything to gain!

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Jack Love, a victim of probate, was lead into a 9 year long probate battle of $1 million in cash left by his deceased wife of 46 years who passed away of Alzheimer’s. He only had a short two page will which ended up costing him $800,000 of that $1 million during the 9 years of probate proceedings. In addition, during probate they held his stock which lost $179,000 and held $500,000 in cash which resulted in $4.5 million loss in real estate because he couldn’t meet the notes. The $800,000 was distributed to the bank’s attorney, the probate attorney and the probate judge. In 2003, Jack’s housekeeper of 15 years ran into the bank attorney out in town. He laughed at her boasting that everyone spoke of the Love estate as the “Love Boat” because everyone was in it for the ride. By the way, Jack Love is 92 years old and living in just a middleclass home.
— James Banks “Creating Wealth Through Probate: The Best-Kept Secret in Real Estate Investing”
Here are the many benefits you’ll enjoy and reap by getting the best in your financial planning goals, blueprint of wealth management, superior protection and exclusive privacy:
  • Learn time-saving tips with a clear, personal roadmap for your success
  • Save tens and thousands of dollars in legal, accounting and appraisal fees by avoiding probate, reducing and/or eliminating your estate taxes, capital gains tax, income taxes
  • Reduce your stress, headaches and frustrations by knowing what your best options are
  • Avoid the lengthy and costly court proceedings
  • Increase you and your parent’s health and happiness with the government-subsidized Medicaid program
  • How to avoid being excluded from the Medicaid assistance program
  • Enjoy more restful nights knowing that you have the knowledge you need for your future’s financial well-being and wealth
  • Feel at ease knowing you are getting FREE information from an award-winning trust and estate-planning expert
  • International team of bonded license professionals catering to your personal needs
  • Increase your income by possibly reducing your income taxes
  • Reduce your taxes and make larger contributions to your retirement
  • Save on taxes by setting up Family Partnerships so it can be passed on with less tax liabilities
  • Exceptional wealth preserving strategies, avoiding taxes and a chartered protection
  • Secure, Stable, long-term income and healthy cash management
  • Flexibility so you can choose your lawyer if you desire
So call us now for a discussion on how Estate Street Partners can help teach you how to protect your wealth from litigation in your long-term, secure and stable financial growth. There is absolutely no obligation, no risk and no sales pressures and the call is FREE! Don’t delay. Call right now!  (508) 429-0011

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Brilliant tax deductions and essential wealth building ideas, that’s what I learned from you. When it comes to protecting your wealth, minimizing tax bites, and avoiding voluntary probate, there’s just not enough accessible good information out there. Thank you for taking the time and to make hear what I was not listening.
— Robert W., Michigan
PS – Remember, you receive the Partner Medical Rights and the Partner Financial Rights both valued at $1,500 when you order any trust from Estate Street Partners.
Plus, Estate Street Partners has split the payments in to easy monthly installments so you can get top privacy and wealth protection for a clear financial and successful roadmap.
You’ll have all of this backed by financial strategies of an award-winning trust and estate planning expert and a team of bonded and licensed professional attorneys, tax specialists and accountants to give you the best secure and stable long-term wealth management.
There is no obligation, no sales pressure, no risk. Simply pick up the phone right now and call (508) 429-0011.
Mr. Beatrice, Thank you for taking my call. It allowed me to really understand why the attorney who spoke at an “A/P” seminar the other night really doesn’t seem to understand how to protect money; a scary thought! If I were just sitting in the audience without ever studying this stuff I would view him as an expert and go with what he tells me!!! Thank goodness I learned the best way how to protect wealth from litigation from you and your team.
— Bob D., Massachusetts

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