UltraTrust Irrevocable Trust Asset Protection

What is a Trust?

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Briefly describe what is a trust.

Protect your assets from lawsuits, divorce, Medicaid.
Now I would like to talk to you about, what is a trust. A trust, no matter what type – irrevocable trust, revocable trust, grantor trust, non-grantor trust – is really nothing more than a contract between you and someone else. If there is a contract between you and I, we can sit down and decide you’re going to do this, you’re going to do that. Therefore, an Ultra Trust® is nothing more than a private contract between you, the person with the money, and your trustee. The trustee is the person who manages the money on behalf of your beneficiaries (i.e. your heir or your children). And the beneficiaries can be you, your wife, your children, anyone you wish, your girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, cat, whatever. It’s whomever you desire.
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Rocco Beatrice, CPA, MST, MBA, Managing Director, Estate Street Partners, LLC.
Mr. Beatrice is an asset protection award winning trust and estate planning expert.
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