How to Avoid ID Theft: Protect Privacy from Creditors

Ultra Trust Protects Your Privacy Against Creditors

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Avoid ID Theft and Learn How the Ultra Trust ® can Protect You From Creditors

Protect your assets from lawsuits, divorce, Medicaid.
  • Buy a paper shredder and shred ALL your documents, mail and anything else you don’t wish prying eyes to see.
  • Never simply throw away your mail. Unscrupulous people do look through the garbage to find credit card numbers, mailing addresses, etc.
  • When securing a loan or filling out an application ask how your personal information will be used and if it is shared with others.
  • Be aware of your billing cycles and call your creditor if a bill does not show up when you expect it.
  • Remove your mail from your mailbox daily and promptly.
  • Avoid using readily available information when choosing a password such as birthdays and social security numbers.
  • Avoid releasing personal information to anyone with which you did not initiate the contact with or already have a business relationship with.
  • Never write down your passwords to your computer, bank information or any other personal or financial passwords.
  • Destroy statements that do not need to be kept. Those you keep should be kept safely filed away.
  • Also keep your social security card in a safe place at home. An original social security card can open up a lot of opportunities for a thief.
  • Avoid using your social security number as an identification number when ever possible. Companies and government can often issue a random number in place of a social security number, ask for it.
  • Check your own credit reports annually for anything unusual. On your reports check the status of accounts you have closed, never opened or cannot identify at all. Also check for lists of credit checks done on you without your permission. Question anything you do not recognize or understand.

Get the Ultra Trust ® to Protect Your Privacy from Creditors and others

With my proven ULTRA TRUST ® you can effectively reposition our assets from you to a legal entity that effectively shuts out privacy invaders.
ONE signature and ONE Document, will lock your wealth out of reach from unscrupulous lawyers, over ambitions creditors, and over zealous bureaucrats. ONE signature will insulate you from frivolous lawsuits, eliminate the probate process, eliminate all inheritance taxes, and keep your private information from being sold to the highest bidder.

With The ULTRA TRUST ® you don’t own any assets.

Marketing companies can’t sell information about people they don’t know anything about. Lawyers are not going to take cases where they are contingent on getting 1/3 of NOTHING. Identity Thieves will have a hard time tracing your wealth.

Eligible Assets That Can Be REPOSITIONED to The ULTRA TRUST ®

There are no dollar limitations or the type of assets that can be repositioned from you to The ULTRA TRUST ®.
There are no dollar limitations or the type of assets that can be repositioned from you to The ULTRA TRUST ®.
The ULTRA TRUST ® may own:
  • Your Personal Residence
  • Other Real Estate, your vacation spot
  • Investment Account (stocks, bonds, collectibles, antiques, boats, planes, …)
  • Your Life Insurance Policy
  • Your Automobiles (especially if you have under age drivers and may reduce your insurance premium, or eliminate the need of an umbrella policy)
  • Your Business(es), your corporation stock, LLC shares. The ULTRA TRUST™ is the only device that can own your sub “S” stock.
The ULTRA TRUST ® is an absolute asset protection fortress when the ULTRA TRUST ® owns a Limited Liability Co. (LLC) or is the General Partner in a Limited Partnership. Contact us today and get your privacy protect!

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